Don’t follow several and odd sophistical doctrines that spread pestiferous seeds – wrote Clement VI himself in the year 1346 to the masters and alumni from Paris University.


The Pontifex addressed in his letters to the doctrine of an illustrious Franciscan monk of English origin named William of Occam, who ran away several years earlier from the prison of Avignon, accused of heresy. He had been imprisoned for four years, until he could escape, and shought asylum in the court of Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria, who was at odds with Pope John XXII.

reunion BernardoWhen the Emperor died, William wanted to return to the mission with his order and the church, so he traveled to Italy with his young novice to meet Bernardo Gui, who was the head of the Inquisition at that time in that region, and, ultimately, the representative of the Pope.

However we cannot know for certain whether William achieved his goal. Only the testimony left by his disciple years after the events happened, in a collection of scrolls; where those amazing and terrible events that happened during the week William and him spent in the abbey the meeting was scheduled were described.

The testimony of the story you are about to revive…



This game works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

You need to have Java installed and updated in your system. Double-click on the
file AbbeyExtensum.jar to execute the game.



F1: Toggle between full screen and window mode

ESC: Pause / menu

Enter: Show map (when available)

Space: See the next sentence in a conversation (only during cutscenes)



Right / Left: Turn

Up: Walk

Down: Make Adso walk in the direction you are facing.



Right / Left / up / down: Walk in the direction you choose

Right click : Turn to mouse pointer

W : Walk in the direction you choose

Left click : Walk in the direction of the mouse pointer

Space : Move Adso

You can control Adso, but only in the same screen William stands. While pressing Down, Adso will walk in the same direction William is facing, unless an obstacle is in his way. To pick up objects, you just need to stand in front of them. Some objects must be picked up by William, and others by Adso.



The elements on screen are the following:

  1. William of Occam: the character we control.
  2. Adso of Melk: William’s novice. At certain points of the game, we will have to guide him to solve some situations.
  3. Inventory: Objects the player currently has.
  4. Day: The game takes place along seven days, the time frame we have to solve the investigation.
  5. Hour: Every day is divided into night, prime, terce, sext, none, vespers and compline.
  6. Obsequium: Gauge that will decrease every time we are reprimanded for breaking some rule. If the gauge empies, the game will be over.
  7. Oil: Gauge that shows the amount of oil in the lamp. Every day at dawn the lamp will be discarded if used, and a new one must be obtained.
  8. Abbot: Shows if the Abbot is sleeping in his cell.
  9. Alternate camera: When this icon appears, we can see what’s happening in other places of the abbey if we stand still for a while.

Note: elements 7, 8 and 9 can be deactivated from the game menu, using the option show extras.



Pressing ESC we will pause the game, and the menu appears. Available options are:

  • Continue playing
  • Load and save up to 7 games
  • Activate or mute sound (effects and ambient sound)
  • Activate or mute music
  • Restart game
  • Show extras (elements 7, 8 and 9 from the previous section)
  • Exit game

Options Restart game and Exit game will discard all unsaved progress.



At some points in game we will see cutscenes that reinforce parts of the plot. We will have no control over our characters while those are active.

  1. When a cutscene is active, the game area will display a black border.
  2. Character that is speaking.
  3. When this indicator is visible, pressing space the next sentence will be shown. Use it if you don’t want to wait for it advancing automatically.




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